Do you enjoy buying clothes from thrift stores?

Do you enjoy buying clothes from thrift stores?

We all know the positive impact on environment thrift shopping makes, but the other aspect is to examine how satisfied customers are with the entire shopping experience at some of the best op shops. 

Here are a few reasons why shopping from op stores is fun! 

You get extremely diverse range of brands at reasonable prices: 

Many op stores have used clothing which implies no cost of manufacturing which makes these exceedingly cheaper as compared to new branded clothing. For instance at Pacas recycling store you can get all branded American clothing for just 10 bucks. So, that makes the whole shopping experience fun where you can save a lot of money and at the same time have the accessibility to some of the top brands. 

Op stores Inventory swivels faster than any other retail stores: 

One of the biggest advantages of thrift shopping is you don’t know what to expect and there’s no fixed brands that op stores offer.

Every week new stock comes in with new types of clothing designs. At Pacas recycling store new stock comes in every Saturday, so you need to be prepared for the surprises thrift shopping offers. 

Thrift shopping enhances your creativity: 

At every thrift shop you visit whether it’s Salvation Army, savers, lifeline stores or red cross  you will find a highly unorganised range of clothing options and sometimes you just can’t get the overall store layout , that’s where your creativity will come from. You will grasp a lot about patterns that complement each other and that makes your whole experience fun. 

Your purchase is going towards a right cause: 


You will be pleased to know about how your fun thrift shopping can reduce the incinerators, pollution and save the resources (to learn more about it please visit So, basically you’re doing something substantial for the society and at the same time having fun! 

What you are waiting for, visit one of the best op shops on the Gold Coast 

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