Our mission is to provide environmental stewardship and offering low cost, high quality apparel. Making thrift shopping more acceptable way of purchase

Our Story

Welcome to Pacas

The translation of a "bale of clothing" is a "pacas" in Spanish. People in third-world countries commonly purchase a bale of clothing to resell the items they receive in their homes. 
You can read more about Guatemala in this link https://multicolores.org/all-about-paca/

Pacas is owned by Liz Marie de Ycaza and Alfonso Abril. They arrived in Australia from Guatemala and Panama in 2018 as skilled workers. Their professional career was commited to tourism, but with all of the travel restrictions and border closures, they decided to branch out into a new industry where they can make some difference.  

The second hand shops in Guatemala had developed and become more competitive. In light of the new ideas they have seen abroad, they decided to give it a whirl and shake up the secondhand market with some competitives advantages. They dream to open 100 secondhand clothing stores across Australia in the future. They are committed to both environmental stewardship and offering low-cost, high-quality apparel. Their goal is to encourage people to shop at thrift stores in Gold Coast and make thrift shopping fashionable and acceptable.

Pacas' mission is to decrease the fashion industry's negative social and environmental consequences by encouraging people to buy used clothing instead of buying new. They hope to prevent wearable clothing from being thrown away or left unused by providing high-quality shop experience services to the public.

Liz Marie de Ycaza and Alfonso Abril (Founder of Pacas recycling store)

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