Why shopping for second hand clothing is the new way of helping our environment!

Why shopping for second hand clothing is the new way of helping our environment!

In recent times demand for thrifted fashion has risen exponentially and rightly so as it has numerous benefits associated such as it saves the environment and is financially approachable. Second hand clothing has always been recognised as blight and shabby, however due to environmental concerns in recent times and mindsets of this new younger generation has extremely changed the perception of second hand clothing as more superior in terms of quality and price. 


Here are few reasons why you should think about purchasing your clothes from op shops: 

 1.Less pollution to the environment:

Most of the famous brands are into the fast fashion industry which apparently is hugely responsible for carbon emissions. 1.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide is emitted by this fashion industry. 

We are specifically into the slow fashion industry where your efforts can save upto 80% of carbon footprint and only you have to start purchasing second hand clothing which looks exactly similar to any other brand new clothing. 

 2.Reduce the possibility of incinerators; 

Lot of these big brands like H and M, Zara and many more tend to generate a lot of textile waste and they wind up in landfills. Due to its recyclable and reusable attributes second hand clothing is one of the best alternatives out there in reducing the overall waste. 

 3.Save on resources: 

Apparently to make one t-shirt or trousers a kg of cotton is required and to make that 1 cotton material approx. 20,000 litres of water is used and on top of that factories need to generate electricity consistently for their production. Second hand clothing reduces all these likelihood to a greater extent, you purchasing something that has been already used in an extremely brand new condition. 

 4.Most of the second hand clothings are distinctive;

Many clothes found in op stores are unique and really hard to find. For instance Pacas Recycling store tends to offer multiple collections that are from vintage style to premium brands or just any generic brands. So, op shops give you more options to choose from at a very reasonable price. 

 Overall, nowadays people are more environmentally conscious and buying something where they directly or indirectly support the all-inclusive future really will boost op shops demand specifically in Australia.


Second hand clothing is a revolution in the fashion industry and it implies the transition towards slow fashion and Pacas recycling store is definitely one of it!!